The gift voucher, another way to reward.
It's up to you and your guests!

Choose the value of your gift without having to select a particular service.
The value of this check will be deducted from the menu or getaway that your guests will decided.

How does it work ?

  1. Choose your gift-box or the gift-voucher
  2. Complete the name of the beneficiary and write your personal message
  3. Add to your basket
  4. Pay by credit-card
  5. Download your gift-voucher immediately or choose to receive it by post

Valid for 6 months, there are no date or day restrictions, subject to restaurant or hotel availability.

Gift-voucher There is 1 product.

  • 250,00 €
    The best gourmet invitation !

    You want to offer a gift but are undecided on your choice of gift-box ? Go for a gift voucher!

    250,00 €