Menu gift-boxes

A wide choice of menus to suit every budget.
The best gift you can offer!
No seasonal restrictions, use of the gift-box is only subject to the availability of reservations.

From 710 €

Getaway gift-boxes

The complete gift-box, including both meals and hotel stay.
A way to organise a surprise-free getaway at a 4 star hotel in the heart of the Burgundy region and enjoy its best... either gastronomic, oenological, sporting... you get to choose! 

From 982 €

Pierre & Jean gift-voucher

The other side of the Lameloise spirit, the restaurant across the road...
Where the grand-father and the father of Jacques Lameloise work together.
This restaurant was created out of the desire to share the values of our sophisticated local cuisine as broadly as possible. 

From 50 €