Pierre & Jean gift-boxes

The other side of the Lameloise spirit, the restaurant across the road...
Where the grand-father and the father of Jacques Lameloise work together.
This restaurant was created out of the desire to share the values of our sophisticated local cuisine as broadly as possible.

How does it work ?

  1. Choose your gift-box
  2. Complete the name of the beneficiary and write your personal message
  3. Add your gift-box to your basket
  4. Pay by credit-card
  5. Download your gift-voucher immediately or choose to receive it by post

Valid for 6 months, there are no date or day restrictions, subject to restaurant or hotel availability.

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  • 50,00 €
    Another way gourmet invitation !

    You want to offer a gift, Go for a gift voucher!

    50,00 €